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Manufacturing and supplying the transportation industry is our whole focus. What can we make for you?

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We will make every effort to supply your automotive lighting needs, whether a professional collision repair business, a dealer, or any automobile, or pick-up truck owner. Please e-mail us at, tell us how we can help you? Or just call to discuss your interest or question...

Fortunately, for all of us, we have in stock many high quality OEM like "drop in" exterior lighting units that can be quickly sent to you from our National Warehouse. Your vehicle lighting repair, or replacements can be accomplished quickly using our "quick install" exterior OEM like lighting.  A temporary problem right now for us, is we are far short yet of having all the lightning units stocked for all the models of trucks and automobiles we want to have in-stock.  Accordingly, we're busy scrambling to build our make/model light inventories! Soon, we expect to have  an extensive inventory of lighting units! As new quick install auto-truck lightining units arrive, detailed information will be placed on this website, so you can order them.

This is a simple website to use. Website pages are all accessed by clicking on the labeled pages stacked on the left of each page. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at our low prices! Feel free to negotiate with us if you have a quantity order. Thank You for your business. Book mark us in your browser?

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